Hi! I’m Keri. I’m a 31-year-old mom, wife, crazy cat lady, Star Wars lover, Lord of the Rings junkie, and gamer. I’ll read just about anything but my favorites are YA, new adult, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, retellings, paranormal romance, and horror. I’ve always been that kid that would sit up too late and read a book. It carried over into my adulthood and here I am with a whole blog about it! I’ve always been passionate about reading.
I have three kitties. A chocolate point Siamese, a lynx point Siamese and a Bombay. My blog was previously called The Apathetic Enthusiast until the day my old roommate started sending mail to my house and addressing it to “House of Cats”. The name just stuck and I ended up using it for my blog. If I’m reading, there’s a good chance one of the cats is in my lap or trying to nap on top of my book. I felt they needed to be included because of this, I suppose.
If you guys are familiar with the personality test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory, I’m an INTJ. I feel like that explains a lot about me, really.
I’ve been reviewing on Goodreads since 2014 but just started my book blog in 2019.

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Authors and publishers interested in sending advance read copies in exchange for an honest review, please inquire by email at houseofcatsbookreviews@gmail.com. Genres I am interested in are retellings, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery/thriller, paranormal romance, poetry, sci-fi, graphic novels, new adult, and young adult. I am open to other genres, so shoot me a message if your genre isn’t listed. I may still be interested in reading your book. 🙂

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My rating system:

1 cat: Get out of here with this nonsense. Most likely struggled to finish. Not sure what just happened. So many flaws that I can’t see straight. Where can I go to get my wasted time back? This one is getting donated as I can’t stand to have it in my presence any longer.

2 cats: Not enjoyable at all. There may have been elements that I appreciated but the book as a whole was a flop for me. I also probably didn’t connect with the characters. I am disappointed. So. Very. Disappointed.

3 cats: A very enjoyable read! I would recommend it but probably wouldn’t read it again. I’m on the fence, really. There were a pretty even mix of things I enjoyed and flaws I found in the book. But the flaws definitely didn’t outweigh the things I enjoyed to the point where I didn’t enjoy the book as a whole. Not my favorite but I also definitely don’t consider this a waste of my time. I’m glad to have read it!

4 cats: Oh. Em. Gee. What a read! This book was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed at least a few characters and the plot. There were probably a few small flaws that I couldn’t manage to ignore in this one but the book was highly enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it!

5 cats: Holy mother of novels, Batman! That was amazing! I’m still reeling. My life will never be the same! I’ll be thinking about these characters for a LONG time. I’m keeping this book forever and will probably obsess over it and reread it. If I read this as an ebook or it was a borrowed copy, I’ll just be going out to get my OWN copy, thank you. I want elements of this book printed and put on a t-shirt.

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*Of course I do give half-cats on some books as well when I can’t decide which way I’m leaning more towards.

**It should also be noted that I very rarely give one or two cats. I’m usually able to find enough good in a book that I can rate it at least three out of five. HOWEVER, there have definitely been instances where a book has been rated lower than three.

***I also rarely DNF a book. I will torture myself to the end of a series before I DNF a book I’ve already bought/started reading. If I buy the first book in a series and don’t like it, I will usually abandon the series if I haven’t bought more than that first book. But if the book is physically in my possession and I paid money for it, or if someone I love and respect gave it to me to read, I’m going to read it.

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