“To Be Read” Top Picks

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It seems like I can’t stop putting books on my “to-read” list!
I have THIRTY books on my “to be read: top picks” list and 347 total that I want to read at some point. But for the sake of not having a super long post with too many books to keep up with, I’m narrowing it down to my top ten most anticipated.
In no particular order…


There is SO MUCH hype around this book and based on the synopsis, I can see why. 1889 Paris? Treasure hunters? A quest to find an ancient artifact? A band of characters with strange, troubled, or dark pasts?


Joseph, my man, I didn’t know you were into books!
This is a graphic novel that gives a collection of two to three sentence stories with an accompanying picture. Not every story is the same. They all fall under different genres. And I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.


I’m a sucker for fairy tales, and Rapunzel just happens to be one of my favorites. So when I saw this was a fantasy/retelling, it jumped up to the top of my list instantly. What more do I have to say to make you want to read this? IT’S A RAPUNZEL RETELLING FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.


After reading “All the Missing Girls” last year, Megan Miranda became a constant blip on my radar. So it’s no surprise that her 2019 release, Come Find Me, is on this list. Not only is it a Megan Miranda mystery, but it’s science-fiction!! My favorite. The synopsis had me at “strange signals” from space.


This book has been on my radar for a looooong time. I shelved it as “to-read” back in September of 2017. So this one really deserves the read this year more so than the others. Another science fiction, this one is about ten recruits with troubled pasts who are chose to travel into the universe to the planet Eden where they are tasked with extracting Nyxia, an incredibly valuable substance.


Look, I know I’m behind, wayyy behind. You don’t have to tell me. I know. This book has gotten so many mixed reviews but that’s what draws me to it. People either passionately hate it or passionately love it and so long as I’m going to feel passionately one way or the other, I’m IN. Girl has sister who desperately wants to visit Caraval, a show where the audience participates. Girl finds a way to get her sister there. Her sister becomes the main event. Girl must find her sister before time runs out or sister will be gone… FOREVER.


Another one of the most hyped books I’ve seen as of late. It’s been tagged as many genres including: dystopia, fantasy, romance, magic, high fantasy, adventure, and young adult. Alina is our main character and she finds within herself a power after her best friend is brutally murdered. Now she is among the royal court being trained with the magical elite known as the Grisha. And boy, do I hope to read about some badass, magical revenge.


A battle between three badass sisters with different elemental powers who, once they turn 16, must battle for the crown. NEED. I. SAY. MORE?!


I told you before, I like fairy tales. This, of course, is one of those retellings but it seems like it may be a bit more dark than what we’ve seen previously with Alice in Wonderland. I really hope I’m right about that. This one was an ARC I received so I will definitely be reading this one very very soon.


And finally, The Red Labyrinth. Another ARC I received recently. Am I super excited for this because it reminds me of Labyrinth starring the king of the bulge, David Bowie? Absolutely. But I’m also interested to see what terror awaits in the corners of THIS labyrinth. (Please let there be a goblin king. Please let there be a goblin king…)

How does the list look!? Are there any we have in common that you are also excited for? Are there any you’re excited for now, after reading this post? Are there any that aren’t on this list that I should know about or be more hyped about? Let me know!

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