Birthright – 5 Secrets to Reclaim the Power of You by Marga Macias

Read Dates: April 8, 2019 – April 10, 2019
Publication date: December 25, 2017
Source: Physical copy via the author



This is a very special post as my receiving this book was a very special occurrence in my life. You see, my passion is reading and when someone asks me to do just that and they give me the tools to do it, that’s when I’m at my happiest. I got to speak directly to the author and I was even more elated at receiving this book after experiencing how incredibly kind and encouraging she is. Then I read this book and realized I didn’t even know the half of it. What a wonderful human being who has chosen to share her experiences and her time in order to help others become their best selves.

I’m not one to read “self-help” type books, but I am SO GLAD my attention was brought to this one. I read a self-help type book last year and it was wonderful but it was all over the place and hard to follow. This book was a stark contrast.
In the beginning of this book, not only are you given definitions and examples of the issues she plans to cover, but you’re also taken through each problem and each solution step by step. The chapters are labeled and easy to follow. I never once found myself lost at any point in the book.
She starts by giving you an understanding of apathy and< helps you identify which type(s) you struggle with. She then moves on to helping you realize what your triggers are. After that, she gives you an understanding of why it's necessary to feel pain and failure. Lastly, she dives into all the ways to combat that pain and gain new perspectives on failure along with 5 secrets to reclaim the power of you.

This book was so REFRESHING.

I could have really used this book back in 2011-2012! Luckily, I had a wonderful “mentor” (dad) that led me through my experiences and got me out fairly unscathed.

I have SO MUCH respect for the author as she speaks on her own struggles in life throughout this book so as to give you hope. You can make it out of your slump. You can achieve your goals. Your brain is your biggest obstacle but you are in control. Your brain isn’t the boss of you!

My favorite parts in this book were the many times the author reiterated that YOU ARE BORN TO GREATNESS. Don’t forget it, people. You’re in control of you. Another favorite was how she kept reminding the reader IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. So many people struggle because they blame themselves for many things which aren’t their fault. Don’t do that! It’s not your fault. There’s a reason you feel like this and you have the ability to pick out why things are going the way that they are for you and YOU, ONLY YOU can turn it around and feel better about yourself. This books gives you the tools to do just that!

I have always thought this, and was so excited to read my jumbled thought in coherent sentences on paper: when we are born, the author reminds us that we’re “fearless, resilient, relentless.” No one is born believing themselves a failure. We are taught to believe that about ourselves later in life. Whether it be our upbringing or just experiences we go through along the way… we didn’t start out that way and there’s no reason we should end that way.

If you are struggling to see your worth… if you’re struggling AT ALL WITH ANYTHING, pick up this book. This book will open your eyes to things you didn’t even realize you were experiencing. This book will give you the drive to change your ways. This book will empower you.
It sure started a fire in me. ❤

Special thanks to Marga Macias for being an amazing human being and allowing me the opportunity to step into her brain and learn from her experiences! It was a pleasure and an incredibly memorable read.

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