Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson

Read Dates: April 18, 2019 – April 24, 2019
Expected Publication date: May 28, 2019
Source: Netgalley ARC ebook via the publisher


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Bonnie Blythe was engaged to her childhood love. They’d been together almost their entire lives and had been engaged for what seemed like forever. But when Bonnie finds out some shocking news about her husband to be, the engagement is off. Bonnie tries to be strong but she can’t help but feel betrayed and also jealous as her best friend is getting married in the next few months and she is set to be the maid of honor… and an old crush she met in London is set to be the best man. While she’s happy for her, she was supposed to be planning her own wedding, not her best friend’s.
Theo has always been interested in the red headed beauty, Bonnie ever since meeting her while she and her friends were traveling abroad. As the best man in her best friend’s upcoming wedding, he’s going to be seeing a lot more of Bonnie. But his duties as a Duke come first and, unfortunately, don’t include the irresistible Shakespeare enthusiast. Will he follow his heart or stay true to the role of his birthright?

That was cute!

If you follow by blog or my reviews, you know I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book in the Sometimes In Love series where we were given the love story between Cassie and Logan. They just didn’t do it for me.

Well Theo did it for me.

This was a fun read. Again, as I said in my review for Getting Hot with the Scot, I LOVED the friendship these girls share. Bonnie is in a bind and it wouldn’t have mattered which friend she called, they ALL would have gone out of their way to get her accommodated. Seriously. If you look through the notes I took while reading this one, I mention the friendship more than once.


That’s right. Popsicle lessons. Read it and find out for yourself.

As for Theo.

This man is polite and chivalrous… he holds doors open, he offers his arm while they’re walking, he ALWAYS offers to walk her to her place after an outing. He’s so HONEST. The man, the myth, the legend. Theo Wharton.
He always made it a point to let the lady decide. He was always hyper aware of the situation she was going through and he always stopped to think about how something would make her feel before doing it.

It was incredibly frustrating for me with how long it took for these two to get going but I guess it made sense. With Bonnie coming out of a SUPER long relationship and all. They both wanted to know this wasn’t some sort of rebound “love” and I get that. But I found myself internally screaming, “Kiss him already you idiot!”
I also have beef with how a few other things were handled in the story. The actions didn’t really seem true to the character and it was a tiny bit off-putting.

Overall, this really was a fun read though. I definitely enjoyed Bonnie a lot more than I did Cassie. I developed feelings for the characters that I wasn’t able to develop for Cassie’s story. This was really good and very enjoyable.

3.5 out of 5!

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