Black Butterfly by Robert M Drake

Read Dates:June 9, 2019 – June 9, 2019
Publication date: April 2, 2015
Source: Owned copy


Black Butterfly edited


There is nothing
more dangerous
to any form of government
than an entire
who knows how to dream
and believe
in themselves enough
to change
and reinvent
it all.

I’m back again with another Robert M Drake book! I saw two of his books in my local bookstore a few weeks ago and… I’ll admit… bought them based on how beautiful the covers were. I have a serious cover porn problem…
Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed. His books are a far cry from what I get from Rupi Kaur who was actually the author who got me into poetry books at all. Where Kaur is raw and relentless, Drake is soft and soothing. This is only my second book of his and I plan to seek out ALL others by Drake but I’ve gathered that I’m 100% right in that he’s a hopeless romantic. In Black Butterfly he actually mentions his significant other and most of this book was more romantic whereas Spaceship had a little more heartache and struggle in it.

And there were
those nights where
she preferred the
rain over the people.
Because the rain would
remind her of how
she should feel
and people
would remind her
of all the things
she always
to forget.

The author is one of the few who has found true love and what it means and he wants the world to know of the beauties that come with finding the one who ignites your soul.

Don’t think.
It complicates things.
Just feel, and
if it feels like home
then follow
its path.

Look, if you want a feel good poetry book, pick up one of Drake’s books. This one was definitely more of a feel good poetry book. The passages are a little longer than those in Spaceship but they’re still just as deep. I really enjoyed this one and I’m glad I gave him a try. He’s wonderful.

what loves you,
but never
what hates you.
For hate is
the burden
to exhaust
stars in you.

And a timeless entry in Drake’s book from 2015 that I will cherish forever as Robin Williams was one of my absolute favorites and was lost all too soon.

Robin Williams


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