2020 Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a little update and address the lack of content for the past 7 months. (SEVEN months… holy moly…)

Soooo I got pregnant. That happened in August of 2019. We also started the process of having a house built early last year. I am happy to report that our house was completed and we signed the closing papers on Christmas eve of 2019. We are moved in and loving it! (Besides having a mortgage of course, because who really wants a mortgage payment? Dear lord, I sound like a full fledged adult.) Anywho, I’m also happy to report that our baby was delivered happy and healthy just a little over 9 weeks ago! We have been transitioning into parenting and we’ve realized we will never quite reach normalcy as this kid throws us a brand new curve ball every week. She’s such a joy, though, and I am enjoying motherhood SO much.

I have recently submitted my resignation letter to my place of employment. This pandemic has really thrown us all for a loop but luckily we are able to live on just my husband’s paychecks. It was a terrifying change but I am really glad to get to watch my kid learn and grow and be with her every day. (I really am obsessed with her.)

Anyway, as I don’t have a job now, I hope to be reading and posting on here a lot more in the near future. I’m in the process of reading two books right now. I’m halfway through Thunderhead and am a few chapters deep into Unravel the Dusk.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what was going on! Life with a newborn is wild but I think I’ve figured it out enough to pick this blog back up.

See you all soon! 🖤

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