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August Wrap-Up

August Stats
Number of Books Read: 2
Pages Read: 817
Average Rating: 4.5
Favorite Book of the Month: The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo
Current Progress Made Towards Yearly Reading Challenge: 40 of 50

Only two books this month! Ouch!

Between moving and getting our lives back in order (and sleeping a lot), I haven’t had much time to sit and really read. Hoping that will be changing now that we’re settled!

I turned 28 this month, so I’m that much closer to 30… I can feel that in my elbows, knees, hips, and back…

I’ve got one more book in the Grishaverse to read and then I’ll be all caught up! It’s the one I’ve been waiting all this time for! Nikolai’s book. *swoons*

I’m also going to try and fit in Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter since my best friend read it already and has been waiting to talk about it!

I’m anxiously awaiting the Grishaverse’s screen debut on Netflix! They can drop a premiere date annnnyyyy day now.

Not a very eventful month where books are concerned for me. Hoping to change that in September!



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July Wrap-Up

July Stats
Number of Books Read: 4
Pages Read: 1,680
Average Rating: 3.5
Favorite Book of the Month: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Least Favorite Book of the Month: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
Current Progress Made Towards Yearly Reading Challenge: 37 of 50

Good lord guys, I am soooo late.
Better late than never, right?

So July was hectic. We started packing up our apartment, so every moment that I wasn’t at work or packing, I was being completely worthless and sitting on the couch watching Regular Show.

When I did read, it was a Leigh Bardugo novel. I’ve been on a journey with her books and I realllllly wanted to finish her Grishaverse by the end of July but that didn’t happen. In my defense, I got really close! I’m about halfway through Crooked Kingdom and after that will come King of Scars! I can’t wait to read Nikolai’s book.

So far these books have been really good. They’ve kept me thoroughly entertained and I’ve enjoyed reading Crooked Kingdom in August and seeing all the references to the characters from the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

The only reason I listed Siege and Storm as my least favorite book of the month is because it’s the second book of the series and those are always the worst. It’s when characters hit the lowest of their lows and it usually contains a frustrating strained relationship between main characters. I’ve always hated second books in trilogies.

I absolutely panicked when I realized I started with the wrong Bardugo novel… I started with Six of Crows because I saw so much hype surrounding it and totally missed the fact that there was trilogy that came before. But I think the way I read them was kind of perfect. Six of Crows set up the world for me just enough to where I knew what was going on when I started Shadow and Bone. I feel like I may have followed it a little easier because of that. There aren’t many references to the characters from the Shadow and Bone series in Six of Crows so it wasn’t too detrimental to the reading experience.

I’m excited to get into the last bit of Crooked Kingdom and also to finally get to read Nikolai’s book. I’m writing to you now from the love seat in my parents living room! We are finishing up moving tomorrow so things will be a lot more settled after that.

I only have one honorable mention for the month and that is…
This movie hits theaters October 18, 2019 and I am BESIDE MYSELF. I can’t wait to go see this. It looks like it may be a bit cheesy but I’m willing to bet I’m going to absolutely love it.

Hoping to read a lot more books in August! (I always say this… let’s see if I actually do it this time…)

Shout out to my parents, aunt and uncle, and my in-laws for helping us move and get settled. The process has been a lot easier with so many people helping us and cheering us on.


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June Wrap-Up

June Stats
Number of Books Read: 4
Pages Read: 923
Average Rating: 4.125
Favorite Book of the Month: Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan
Least Favorite Book of the Month: Didn’t really have one!
Current Progress Made Towards Yearly Reading Challenge: 31 of 50

June was… well… rough. Only four books!?

I’m giving myself a pass though. We had a busy month.

We vacationed for a long weekend with family in Oak Island, NC, we celebrated one year of marriage, we started packing up our apartment in preparation for moving in with my parents while our house is being built, we spent numerous weekends with family and friends… it’s just been a crazy month.

I’m going to strive to do better in July!

It’s only the first of the month and I’m almost done with my very first Grishaverse book and so far, I’m loving it! I didn’t really know about them at all so I started with Six of Crows, simply because everyone raves about it. But after I finish Six of Crows, I’m going to jump back to Shadow and Bone and hope it doesn’t confuse the crap out of me. I’ve literally had Shadow and Bone this entire time and I didn’t know I should have started there! I’ve gone about this all wrong and it’s really giving me anxiety.

Anyway, some honorable mentions for June:

  • Hats off to my husband for making it a year with me! Though he’s been dealing with me for over 7 now…
  • I got my ARC for Cursed by Thomas Wheeler and I am PUMPED to read it and then watch the Netflix show when it comes out.cursed.jpg
  • The Grishaverse is coming to Netflix! The Shadow and Bone series will be hitting Netflix soon and I. Can’t. Wait. I’m going to burn through all the Grishaverse books in preparation! Check it out here.
  • A new Hunger Games book was announced! It looks like this story will be set 64 years before the events of the trilogy we all know and love! untitled panem novel

Until next month!


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May Wrap-Up

May Stats
Number of Books Read: 5
Pages Read: 1960
Average Rating: 3.9
Favorite Book of the Month: Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim
Least Favorite Book of the Month:The Escape Room by Megan Goldin
Current Progress Made Towards Yearly Reading Challenge: 27 of 50


So, let me just update you guys…

We spoke with a contractor and drew up plans for our forever home. The contract is signed and we’re signing the final plans tonight actually! It has been such a tiresome process looking at homes after work and on weekends that we loved but had issues with or found things we wanted to change in the long run. Little did we know, the budget we were working with could get us EXACTLY what we wanted and BRAND NEW nonetheless! We’re stoked. It’s going to be December 2019-early 2020 before it’s done but we’re so excited and more than ready to leave apartment life behind.

With that said, I was only able to throw down with 5 books this month. Which is ok! I’m still ahead on my reading goal and I plan to read a LOT when we move in with my parents while we wait for our home to be completed.

I also got a promotion at work that keeps me incredibly busy. I love it, though! I’m not able to read like I was during the time spent in my last position but I do enjoy being up and busy all day. It makes the days fly by! No wonder May raced past me without my noticing!

This month definitely wasn’t the best in the way of books I loved but it wasn’t the worst either.
But let me tell you what WAS the best… SPIN THE DAWN BY ELIZABETH LIM. That book wrecked me in all of the best ways. Go read my review where I lose my mind over this book HERE.

I also got to participate in my first ever buddy read with the Dragons & Tea Book Club which was literally the greatest. I am so thankful that I was invited to the group and I am loving meeting the other members and reading their thoughts while sharing my own. The book blogging community is one of the greatest parts of my life. Everyone is so positive and uplifting and I find it so effortless to fall into step with the community.

I also recieved my first award this month! I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Hannah over at But First, Fiction and I’m honestly still super ecstatic about it.

May has been a whirlwind. I feel like it came and went all too quickly and I’m hoping that June will take it’s time with me as I need all the time I can get to knock out my tbr pile!
I know things will still be hectic as we prepare to leave our apartment and embark on our extended sleepover at my parent’s place and I’m sure they’ll be even more hectic as the house is being built and decisions need to be made. But I’m hoping I can slip into the book realm every now and then in between all these responsibilities so I can check out from reality and check into some wonderful book worlds. 🖤


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April Wrap-Up

April Stats
Number of Book Read: 8
Pages Read: 1950
Average Rating: 4.25
Favorite Book of the Month: The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden
Least Favorite Book of the Month: As They Slip Away by Beth Revis
Current Progress Made Towards Yearly Reading Challenge: 22 of 50

The Winter of the Witch As They Slip Away Milk and Honey The Sun and Her Flowers 4132nJw7mCL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ Smitten by the Brit Permafrost Birthright

April was a good month in books if I do say so myself!
-I finished the third and final book in the Winternight Trilogy and solidified it’s spot at the top of my favorites list.
-I got a glimpse into the books of Alastair Reynolds (I read one and have a couple more on my “to-read” list).
-I picked up not one but TWO poetry books, which is rare for me, and honestly, I think I’ll be seeking out more of them. I thoroughly enjoyed Rupi Kaur’s books.
-I GOT TO READ BIRTHRIGHT AND CONVERSE WITH THE AMAZING AUTHOR BEHIND THE BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN SELF HELP BOOK! That was one of the biggest highlights for me. Marga Macias is an angel sent from heaven, you guys. She’s wonderful and so was her book.

-I also continued my journey into the Sometimes in Love series by Melonie Johnson. I am currently reading the third book in that series and I’m basically in love with it.
***HUGE congratulations to Melonie Johnson, by the way! Her debut novel Getting Hot with the Scot hit shelves yesterday! Go out and get a copy! Or get it for your kindle/tablet here.

It’s been a kind of crazy month. House hunting is in full swing so there were moments when I was scouring listings online when I would usually be reading. I’m hoping we can find a house soon and then, mark my words, I’M NEVER MOVING AGAIN. I hate moving. Anyway, here’s to a new month but the same list of books I want to read! Here’s to May!