As They Slip Away (An Across the Universe Novella) by Beth Revis

Read Dates: April 8, 2019 – April 8, 2019
Publication date: January 11, 2013
Source: Free ebook

You can read this ebook for free HERE


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I’ve been teetering back and forth on whether or not I would read books 2 and 3 in this series and when I saw there was an ebook about characters on the ship other than Elder and Amy, I decided to read it and see if that would stir my feelings enough to dive into the next two books.

Mind you, I read this out of sequence as it’s labeled “#2.5” but it definitely worked after the first book. I’m actually happy to have read this.

This book is about a girl who Amy ends up meeting in the first book. When we meet her in that first book, she is chasing rabbits and injecting them with “inoculations”. Amy tries to talk some sense into her and make her see that she’s pumping the rabbits full of a genetic modification, but the girl won’t hear it. She seems distant, detached… and with this short story, now we know why.

This novella tells the tragic story of Selene. A young girl who has a wonderful voice, has a small group of close friends, and likes a boy who doesn’t like her back. Her life seems simple for the most part. Until the group is taken to the Recorder Hall for a special training. Selene’s group of friends are all artists in some way. So their group is given the task to choose a character from Greek mythology and based on what that character was known for, they are to make that sort of art. Selene found no trouble in the project, but she did find trouble in the person she chose to team up with.

While this story was intriguing, it was also heartbreaking. It gave me a deeper feeling of the struggles aboard the ship that the first book in the series failed to give me. We got glimpses of the struggles, but for me, I was never given enough detail. I’ll admit, I was hoping this story would be about Kayleigh, Harley’s love who is mentioned in book one. But I did enjoy this story enough that I think I’ll go ahead and see the series to the end.


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