Once Upon a Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson

Read Dates: April 25, 2019 – May 1, 2019
Expected Publication Date: June 25, 2019
Source: Netgalley ARC via the publisher


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Look, Melonie Johnson has been a hot little blip on my radar since before I sunk my teeth into Getting Hot with the Scot. I read her little “about me” section on goodreads and saw “Star Wars junkie” and that was all she wrote. BUT, this book was my favorite of the three she’s written so far and it’s made me love her even more!

Sadie Gold is an actress who has finally landed a blockbuster movie that could be her ticket to stardom. All she’s ever wanted is to become a beloved actress and travel the world, seeing new places, and making kick ass movies. But nothing could prepare her for her childhood/high school sweetheart being on set as the film’s leading stunt coordinator. The two left off on a bad note but the sparks still fly between the two as they have to work closely on set of the film. Can the two of them learn to put the past behind them and try again? Or will the past drive them further apart as it’s revealed?

My notes during chapter 9 of this book: I have a feeling this book is going to frustrate the hell out of me.
Future me: You have NO IDEA.

First of all, I have to mention the friendship again. I’ve mentioned it in my reviews for both of Johnson’s prior novels in this series and she doesn’t skimp on the friendship in this book either. I LOVE THE FRIENDSHIP. I have to say, I think I enjoy Ana and Sadie more than I did Bonnie and Cassie. Though both of those best friend duos are matches made in heaven. Where are my four girlfriends who are willing to do Monday Margaritas? Hmmm? Where ya’ll hiding?

Anyway, this was my favorite of the three and I’ll tell you why.
One: It was hotter than the first two combined.
Two: Bo. ‘Nuff said.
Three: It was completely believable!

In the first book, Cassie doesn’t know Logan long before they’re making wedding plans. (I know, I know. People actually do this sort of thing.)
Bonnie’s book was a little better as she knew Theo from the summer before on the trip she took with her friends.
But Sadie’s story? Ughh. It made so much sense. TURN THIS BOOK INTO A MOVIE BECAUSE IT IS WONDERFUL! Their’s is the kind of story I would watch multiple times a week with a hot cup of tea and all three of my kitties curled up with me under my Star Wars blanket on the couch.

A childhood love turned to a high school romance that quickly died the night of their senior prom. Sadie has gone all these years never knowing why Bo broke things off. Well, she’s about to find out. The two of them were so REAL with each other and the way they acted together was PERFECT. It fit them. I believed that they were lovers from childhood. Everything in this book just FIT.

I also really liked the sense of family in this one. Sadie’s nana is THE BOMB. Always steering Sadie in the right direction when she needs it the most. Keeping her level headed and humble.
Then there’s Bo’s family. His dad doesn’t say much but that’s part of his character. But his mom. Ughh. What a wonderful person she was. So full of joy and spunk even while she was commanding people around (mostly Bo) like a drill sergeant. I loved the family aspect of the story.

I didn’t think I was going to enjoy having to read about the making of a movie but I did! I really enjoyed it! The movie parts aren’t thrown up too much in the book. They’re in there just enough so that you get what you need from what’s going on in the main plot of the story.

I must say, I was frustrated multiple times by these two but I was also crying REAL TEARS at the end. REAL TEARS, PEOPLE. This book was so wonderful and so beautifully written and I love it. Love love love it. Go read it. Every one of you. I implore you!

Alright Melonie, give me Ana’s book. I’m ready! 🙂


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