The Thinnest Air by Minka Kent

Read Dates:February 22, 2019 – February 24, 2019
Publication date: July 1, 2018
Source: Free via Amazon First Reads


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Meredith is a blissfully happy 22 year old who recently married a middle aged man. Though most everyone she knew told her not to marry him, she did it anyway. Meredith and Andrew are crazy about each other and he treats her like a princess… and he’s able to do that more than sufficiently since he’s a multi-millionaire. Their marriage looks perfect from the outside, but is there more to the story? Questions arise when Meredith goes missing over two years after her wedding. Her car is found at a local grocery store with the drivers door ajar and her personal belongings left untouched in the passenger seat. It doesn’t look as if there were any sort of struggle at the scene. Did someone take her? Did she leave on her own? Her sister, Greer, is determined to find out and won’t let anything stand in her way. In her mind, everyone is a suspect. Especially her well-to-do brother-in-law. But what she begins to find out upon digging is that her sister kept many secrets from her, some of which may have led to her disappearance.

I TOLD you guys I was about to go on another journey with Minka Kent and I was NOT disappointed.

MINKA KENT, giiiirllll, you are a BRIGHT, blinking, GIANT red blimp on my radar. Guys, her writing style is SO refreshing. It’s so easy to be whisked away into one of her books. I’ve been whisked into two of them now and I don’t plan to stop there. Two Minka Kent books in a week and I HAVE NO REGRETS. I received her newest book, The Stillwater Girls from the publisher and was completely into her writing and the way she tells a story. So I couldn’t help myself… I immersed myself into another one of her creations.

The story here is told similarly to the way The Stillwater Girls is told. The only difference being that the two narrators are family in this book and in The Stillwater Girls, the two narrators aren’t related but end up crossing paths. Either way, I LOVE IT. Minka Kent is one of my new top authors.

So this book was, in a word, AMAZING. This was one of those that I pulled out on a Sunday morning intending to get a few chapters under my belt before starting my day but ended up finishing it completely by accident. It wasn’t until things started being revealed that I tapped the screen on my iPad to see just how far into the book I was. When I saw I was 92% in, it was too late. I HAD to finish. I HAD to know what would happen to the characters.

This book is a good reminder that you can think you know someone after a short time but nine times out of ten, you never really do. It reminds us that people we know our entire lives can hold things back for our benefit. They could be going through hard times but have cocooned themselves in a hard outer shell so as to protect you from their problems. It reminds us that sometimes we become a chameleon, changing who we are and how we act to accommodate others. It also reminds us that our decisions always have consequences…

Going into this I was a little weary of Meredith and her marriage to the wealthy, middle-aged Andrew. I’m sorry but when two people are that happy with each other and things are seemingly perfect, chances are, they’re actually not. I’ve never been a fan of watching people get married while in the honeymoon phase of their relationship when everything is new and you’re still dressing and speaking to impress each other. That’s exactly what this was. Because of that, he was definitely my first suspect. (As the husband always is anyway.) Though, I won’t tell you if I was right or not.

I can’t say too much about any of the characters without giving a lot away BUT here’s a brief guide to our main characters:

Meredith: Missing. Early 20s. Married to Andrew. Sister of Greer. Stay at home wife who enjoys hot yoga. It also appears she has a stalker… Her perspective is one of the narrations in this book.

Andrew: Wealthy financial broker. Middle aged. Loving husband. Wants the best for his wife. Spoils her. A little mysterious. His sister-in-law is not a fan of him… at all.

Greer: Meredith’s sister. Bull headed, straightforward, and pushy. She fears no one and has a determined nature. She is desperate to find her sister. Her perspective is one of the narrations in this book. Owner and manager of a coffee shop chain.

Harris: Greer’s ex whom she dated for nearly a decade. Helps run her main coffee shop. Also is still Greer’s best friend.

Ronan: The detective assigned to Meredith’s case. He’s determined to crack this one.

There a couple of other characters that do add to the story but these are your main characters. Enjoy them. But don’t expect to know who they really are.

Just remember one thing if you decide to dive into this thriller…

And most importantly…
Have a lovely time reading this!!!

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